Tel: +1 (973) 891-3500
Tel: +1 (973) 891-3500

Managed IT

Put Us to Work on Your New or Existing IT

If you’re considering changes to your company’s Information Technology infrastructure, contact Nisivoccia Consulting LLC first. We’ll assess your current system and requirements and advise which equipment and services will best fit your needs. We’ll do all the research, work out the bugs, and get everything working for you!

Nisivoccia Consulting will help you initiate and develop:

  • Technology Decision Support. We’ll advise you on the best possible use of the current technology available.
  • Information Systems Planning. We’ll assess where you are with your company’s computer system and where you want to go.
  • Project Management. We’ll manage your office’s computer network to be more and reliable.
  • Software Development Life Cycle Methodology. Nisivoccia Consulting LLC can determine development methodology strengths and weaknesses and setup and test the processes for optimum efficiency being sure to train your staff and insure everyone’s needs are met.
  • Process Design. Nisivoccia Consulting LLC will define the interaction between new technology and your business practices as an efficient, functioning system.

Nisivoccia Consulting LLC

When information technology problems appear insurmountable and the only thing that outweighs them seems to be your frustration, contact Nisivoccia Consulting LLC for the best solutions and the coolest heads. At Nisivoccia Consulting LLC, we know and love technology, and we know how frustrating it can be when it’s not working for you.

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