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OK, your computer comes with "Word", "Excel", "PowerPoint", "Access", and a whole bunch of other strange words. Do you know what they mean? Do you know what they do? Does everyone who uses a computer in your office know how to use these programs? And if so, do they know how to use them properly to their and the company's best advantage?

Do you have the time to teach everyone how to use the computer programs so they become more cost effective?

We do.

We'll show you how your computer and the software installed on it works. We'll customize an appropriate training program for you and your team so everyone will understand and be able to efficiently use your new or existing system. From associates who consider themselves experts to those who may be a little intimidated by new technology, we will impart important knowledge that will help your business.

We're also always available for consultation and problem solving over the phone.

Nisivoccia Consulting can customize a training program for your company for such software applications as:

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