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iPad, iPhone and Hosted Exchange keep you TotallyConnected to your business.

TotallyConnected TotallyConnected TotallyConnected TotallyConnected TotallyConnected

Duplicates Everywhere

It’s happened to a lot of us. You have custom branded email for your business. You bought a Blackberry or iPhone. You’ve got everything connected but it doesn’t work exactly the way you want it to. Deleting an email on your computer doesn’t delete the same email from your mobile device. Setting up a calendar appointment on your Blackberry doesn’t show up on your calendar at work. You waste time plugging your Blackberry in and syncing your contacts and calendar with your computer. You’ve got hundreds of duplicate entries in your address book on your phone, and have no way to clean them all out.

Same Information, Different Devices

Now with Nisivoccia Consulting’s Hosted Exchange service, all your information is identical across all your devices. If you delete or read an email on your iPhone, it’s also removed or marked read in your inbox at the office. If you change a contact’s phone number in your iPhone, it updates your iPad’s address book. Any change you make on any device, anywhere, updates on all your devices. Instantly. Simply. Wirelessly. No more syncing, no more duplicates, just your information the way you want it. It’s just another way we make IT work for you.

Get TotallyConnected

Nisivoccia Consulting is now offering several packages to get you TotallyConnected. We can make your existing devices work with our Hosted Exchange service so you get all the benefits immediately without any hardware costs. We also offer comprehensive packages, including iPads, to get you TotallyConnected while being lightweight, mobile, and fashionable. Contact us for details and pricing today.

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