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Bluetooth Safety Tips

Cyber security should be a priority for every organization. One of the most vulnerable systems are bluetooth. We have compiled below a list of practical safety tips for using bluetooth features:

Always upgrade. Make sure the software and firmware on your Bluetooth devices, especially cell phones, are the latest versions.

Disappear. Place all Bluetooth-enabled devices in a non-discoverable mode.

You can make this setting through a software menu on your handheld.

Scramble your data. Encrypt everything stored on your device so that in the event of a hack, the information is protected.

Don’t jot things down. Avoid storing usernames, passwords or other sensitive information on a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Be smart. Avoid pairing with unknown devices.

Change your PIN. A personal identification number is normally needed for pairing. Make yours at least eight characters long and alphanumeric. Hackers have demonstrated ways of intercepting simple PINs.

Be discrete. In theory, device-to-device connections could be monitored by a third person. For maximum security, don’t pair in public or in a crowded area.

Location, location, location. Bluetooth attackers need to be close (within 10 meters) so if you’re getting attacked, move to another area and note who’s following you.

Power down. For maximum security, turn off your Bluetooth features when not using them.

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